Walter Reuben Watson 1874 - 1943

Walter Watson was born in Mt. Carroll, July 6, 1874; was married Oct. 1, 1904, to Miss Lutie Dresbach. Two sons were born to them, Tom and Jack. Tom is attending the University of Illinois; Jack is employed in the Forest City National Bank at Rockford, Illinois.

Mr. Watson moved with his parents to Chadwick where he was educated in the public schools and in Savanna. In 1891 he entered the railway service. He went to Minneapolis, where he was employed by several companies as fireman and locomotive engineer. He returned to Mt. Carroll in 1902 where he has lived since. When the health of the late A.B. Adams, county clerk, commenced to fail he secured Walter Watson as deputy and for four years he carried the burden of the duties as Mr. Adams continued to fail, so it was but fitting that upon the death of Mr. Adams he should be elected as clerk. He carried every township in the county, showing that his worth and merit were recognized. No mistake was made in his election, for there never has been a better or more competent clerk and never will be. Everything has a place, everything is in its place, the work is as thorough and accurate as in a bank. He is genial and accommodating and when inquiries of things pertaining to the office are made he seldom has to look up the records, unless it is something far back, for he has it in his head. His time is all given to the office, and Carroll County in 1930 is in safe, competent and accurate hands.

Clerk Watson has been in the past Secretary of the Commercial Club and was just as able and competent there as he now is as Clerk.

Carroll County Biography & Business - Souvenir Edition 1930
Vol. XI, Mt. Carroll, Illinois, July 10, 1930 - NO 185
Cal M. Feezer, Publisher

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