Source for:   Christopher Ross,   1803 - AFT 1860         Index

Name source:    S543

Birth source:    S543

Death source:    S543


Source for:   Mary Lincoln Roush,   1810 -          Index

Name source:    S543

Birth source:    S543


Source for:   Luella M Schoonhoven,   18 JUN 1913 - OCT 1984         Index

Name source:    S599

Text:   "In the event that my wife, LUELLA M. LICHTY, predeceases me.."

Name source:    S609

Text:   "Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Robert (Luella) Lichty of Lanark.."

Birth source:    S227

Text:   "Born: 18 Jun 1913"

Death source:    S227

Text:   "Died: Oct 1984"


Source for:   Alcinda Sherben,   17 MAY 1839 - 02 NOV 1892         Index

Name source:    S551

Text:   Last name "Sherben"

Birth source:    S551

Birth source:    S417

Text:   orn in "PA"

Burial source:    S551

Death source:    S551

Death source:    S557

Text:   "Carroll Co"


Source for:   Vertie Verne Sissler,   19 SEP 1875 - 16 NOV 1951         Index

Name source:    S91

Birth source:    S551

Text:   Birth "19 Sep 1875"

Birth source:    S539

Text:   Born in "IL"

Burial source:    S551

Death source:    S551

Text:   Death "16 Nov 1951"


Source for:   Lawrence P Smith,   ABT 1893 -          Index

Name source:    S555

Text:   "..Dorthy Day. She is now Mrs. L. P. Smith of Enid.."

Name source:    S586

Text:   First name "Lawrence"

Birth source:    S586

Text:   Age 37, born in "OK"


Source for:   Arthur Snow,    -          Index

Name source:    S575
Page:   838 (W.H. Dresbach Biography) Henry's son

Text:   "..Fannie E. The latter is the wife of Arthur Snow of Chicago."


Source for:   Harry Alfonso Snow,   15 SEP 1895 -          Index

Name source:    S576

Text:   "She is survived by one son, Harry A. Snow,.."

Name source:    S382

Text:   Middle name "Alfonso"

Birth source:    S382

Text:   Birth "June 4th, 1873"